Image: Central Park Boathouse/AppleEats Staff

For a while there it was touch and go, but at long last the Loeb Boathouse, rechristened the Central Park Boathouse, has reopened, and just in time for springtime al fresco dining.

The main attraction, as has been the case throughout the restaurant’s 70-year history is surroundings, which are postcard-perfect. The menu in this iteration is what at one time was called “continental,” featuring steaks and pastas as well as the occasional seafood dish — the Boathouse is, after all, on the water.

Image: Central Park Boathouse

The rowboats that glide by as you dine are for more than show by the way. Which is to say, you can rent one for a pre- or post-prandial cruise on the lake.

Central Park Boathouse, East 72nd St and Park Dr. N.

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