Image: Arby's

I’ve seen a lot of freebies come and go, but I can’t recall ever seeing one like this latest from Arby’s. Maybe having actor Ving Rhames’s voice thundering the tagline “We have the meats!” just wasn’t enough to generate the response the roast beef chain was hoping for.

Whatever the explanation, Arby’s is declaring April to be Free Sandwich Month. Between now and the end of the month, the restaurant will permit “qualifying customers” (i.e., those who have signed up at Arby’s Rewards program), to test-drive four different sandwiches.

But there’s more: To prove that Free Sandwich Month is changing minds, Arby’s is also putting four skeptics to the test with the Arby’s Try Detector, where each participant will be strapped into biometric scanners as they try free Arby’s sandwiches to see how they truly feel. Keep an eye on @Arby’s social accounts to watch this experiment unfold!

Carvel Brings Back an Oldie But Goodie

Soft serve pioneer Carvel turns 90 this year. In the hopes of drawing in a new generation of regulars, the old-timer is reviving a hit from the 1970s. The flavor — orange dreamy  creamy — is a blend of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet. You may already know it as Creamsicle.

Image: Carvel

The flavor, which went on sale on Monday, will be available at Carvel as a citrusy soft serve, as a shake, and as something called a “sundae dasher” —  layers of Orange Dreamy Creamy soft serve, orange marshmallow and golden Oreos, all topped with whipped cream and orange marshmallow.