Image: Restaurant Yuu

It’s getting so you need a scorecard to play along. If you haven’t yet tried 2024’s most popular new game and logic puzzle, “Who’s Cooking Tonight and Where?” note that the period from Apr. 23 to 26 will give you a set of fresh clues.

On those dates Yuu Shimano, owner and head chef of the Michelin-starred Restaurant Yuu, will be participating as guest chef at Shirley Brasserie, across the country in Los Angeles. Don’t assume that Yuu’s team will be idle during this period. They will be at the restaurant’s home kitchen in Greenpoint, creating their own French 15-course Yuu’s omakase menu.

Menu highlights for the $220 per plate tasting will include raw scallop carpaccio with olive oil and vinaigrette jelly; clam egg custard with spring vegetables; charred trout with spring cabbage and roe sauce; and grilled lobster with melon, Pernod, mustard greens and dehydrated black olives.

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