Image: Kayco

In May of 2023, a restaurant opened in Brooklyn that made quite a stir by self-identifying as a purveyor of “Jew-ish” cuisine. At first the apparent typo confused many until they recognized it as an embodiment of the modern Jewish-American ethos.

This year, as it kicks off another Passover season, Kosher food giant Manischewitz is seeking to make that ethos — “Jew-ish”ness — central to its brand and to the entire retail experience. Toward that end, the company has completely revamped its design, injecting a brighter color palate and even humor.

This year will also mark the first in which Manischewitz offers a line of frozen foods to compliment its vast array of boxed goods and mixes. Holiday consumers will also have access to a greater number of main dish options, including those that accommodate special needs. (Think “easy gluten-free za’atar chicken fingers with harissa honey mustard.”) There will even be a host of desserts for the serious home cook, such as “peanut butter and chocolate eclairs,” made with modified choux pastry.

Peanut butter and chocolate eclairs (Image: Kayco)

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