Chef Stephanie Izard and Cheez-It cake (Image: Kellogg’s Cheez-It)

Any takers?

I mean, even in this age of salted caramel and other sweet treats with a savory kick, a cake made using Cheez-It snack crackers does sound a little bizarre. As though the cheesy treats in a cake is not weird enough, the finished creation — designed to celebrate Cheez-It’s 100th birthday — is made with an entire box of the crackers!

The person behind the odd confection is Chef Stephanie Izard, whose recipe doesn’t stop at just decorating the outside of the cake with Cheez-Its. As she explained to Food & Wine, the cake is made using “Cheez-It flour, Cheez-It shortbread crumble on the inside, dulce caramel white chocolate Cheez-It crackers — all-in-all, I would say it’s at least half Cheez-it.”

So returning to the title question, are you game to try it? If you are, you’ll have a chance starting at noon on May 17. A limited supply of the cakes, which sell for $49, will be available through Goldbelly. The offering will have a short run, ending on May 20, so you may want to bookmark the link.