What’s Hot (Cold?) for National Ice Cream Day

The Brookie (Image: Carvel)

Tomorrow is the third Sunday in July, which means (if you keep up with these things) that it’s National Ice Cream Day. That also means there are deals, including a few freebies and discounts, both nationally and locally.

To begin on the national front, Cold Stone Creamery has something cooking (make that chilling) for tomorrow, but it’s a secret that will be revealed to those who have the Cold Stone app on their phones. Suffice it to say, the creamery will be celebrating “double” as well as Oreo’s 110th birthday.

Dairy Queen will be offering customers $1 off any of its dipped cones, again provided they have the DQ app (a theme is beginning to emerge), while Baskin-Robbins is shaving $5 off any purchase of $15 or more through July 23. You won’t need to use the app to qualify, but you will need to provide the code “BECOOLER” at checkout for online orders.

16 Handles is giving away 3 ounces of soft serve plus toppings if (say it with us) you have the app, in which case: (1) open the Scan tab, (2) tap Redeem a Promo at the bottom of the page, (3) enter ICECREAMDAY22 to load your reward to your account, and (4) scan your app’s QR code to load your award to your account. Good on July 17 only.

Carvel, meantime, will be showcasing its new flavor mashup, the Brookie. It sounds like the name of another nasty prank kids pull on each other in middle school (think wedgie and swirlie), but what it is is a blend of brownie batter and cookie dough ice creams, studded with cookie dough pieces, brownie bites, and chocolate chips. Tomorrow, if you buy one, you get one free. The deal applies to any flavor.

Ace Hardware and Benjamin Moore Paints are getting into the ice cream business, it seems. Tomorrow the home improvement brands will be giving away ice cream inspired by popular Benjamin Moore colors, like Mint Chocolate Chip 436, Strawberry-N-Cream 2103-70, and Cocoa Brown 2101-20. Answer an Instragram questionnaire, and you could get these flavors delivered to your home.

Here in the city, The Social in Prospect Heights will be offering a flavor they call “Let the Dogs Out.” The mashup consists of toasted bun ice cream with caramelized Nathan’s hot dogs, which is interesting if not entirely original. In 2019, Oscar Mayer unveiled a hot dog-flavored ice cream sandwich.

Bear Donut, which opened in May, is looking to acquaint New Yorkers not only with its soft serve ice cream, made in house, but its chewy and crispy Korean-style donuts, which are likewise, baked fresh twice daily. Try a Bear Combo (any donut coupled with any flavor of ice cream), and you’re likely to be hooked.

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