Dinner is served (Image: TikTok)

It’s not surprising that a TikTok video of a man cooking a steak dinner in a hotel bathroom toilet hasn’t spawned imitators, considering the negative associations that eating food out of a toilet conjure up, not to mention the amount of work that went into this particular meal.

Before getting into the “how,” a few words on the “why” are probably in order. One factor that comes to mind is the generally inflated cost of ordering from room service. Of course, that doesn’t explain this man’s decision to turn the john in his room into a sous vide bath and prepare something as ambitious as a steak.

So how did he do it? For starters, he attached a sous vide circulator to the commode and set the temperature to somewhere in the 130º-to-140º range, judging from the appearance of the steak when removed from its bath.

While the steak was cooking, he set to work on the side. He boiled small potatoes in a metal pail set on a hot plate. After draining the cooked potatoes, he added packets of coffee creamer he found in his room, along with garlic and raw shrimp that he had chopped on a cardboard “cutting board.” He “mashed” the potatoes by hand and finally added some cheese he had melted “raclette-style.”

Once the steak had reached the desired internal temperature, he mopped away any external blood using the hand towels in his bathroom, then seared the meat directly on the hot plate — which sounds like a potential fire hazard.

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