The Bronx’s Vegan Grill Spawns an Outpost in the East Village

Southwest chipotle chick’n sandwich (Image: Vegan Grill)

If Eleven Madison Park’s switch to an all-plant-based menu wasn’t enough to persuade you that vegan food is here to stay, maybe news that the fast-food giant Burger King just opened its first 100% meatless restaurant in Spain will. Further affirmation can be found in the proliferation of vegan restaurants here in New York of late.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is a spinoff of the Vegan Grill on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx. Like its parent, the soon-to-open Vegan Grill on St. Mark’s Place dispels the notion that vegan food, like “health food” before it, is all alfalfa sprouts and wheat germ.

Instead, as a glimpse at the menu of the original Vegan Grill reveals, vegan food can sound a lot like fast food. Want a bacon, egg, and cheese patty on a toasted English muffin for breakfast? Yeah, they got that. The dish is even served with hash browns. There are burgers, a crispy chick’n sandwich (note the spelling of “chicken”), and a Philly cheese “steak” with sautéed onions and peppers, which comes with a side of fries. The typographical anomalies all signal, of course, that the designated foods are plant-based versions of the originals.

So how do these ersatz versions of high-fat, low-nutrient density foods stack up against the originals? Stay tuned.

(h/t EV Grieve)

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