Udder Delight or Disaster? Woman Makes Butter Out of Own Breast Milk

Image: ponce_photography / Pixabay

Laura Hall has become something of an overnight celebrity on social media. What is responsible for her fame? A viral video she posted on TikTok that shows her making butter from scratch … using her own breast milk.

“I’ve done it!” she crows in the video, “I’ve made butter out of my breast milk! … I don’t know if I’ve ever been more proud.” Never more proud? Here’s hoping the newborn whose birth made her lactation possible is a bigger source of pride.

But back to the butter. The question that is probably arising for some is how it tasted. The New York Post notes:

Unfortunately, her cream of teat has received mixed reviews within her household, per another video showing her taste-testing the toast topping with her hubby. While her soulmate claimed that he’d happily have his wife’s bosom butter on toast, Hall wasn’t so high on her own supply.

“To me, it tastes like, you know, when you burp and it kind of tastes like throw-up,” the aghast mother described. …

The article goes on to note that in subsequent tutorial clips, the self-sufficient mom demonstrates how she manufactures her mammary margarine by leaving a jar of freshly pumped breast milk out until the fat separates and the cream ascends to the top. The extreme locavore then skims off the cream and churns it with an electric whisk before finally straining the solids into a pat.

So is human breast milk butter likely to catch on? Considering that around 10,000 babies are born each day in the U.S., the opportunity is certainly there.

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