Image: Shake Shack

Have you ever sunk your teeth into one Shake Shack’s irresistible burgers and said to yourself “Needs chili”? Yeah, me neither, but for a limited time the burger chain is offering chili as an adornment to to its cheeseburgers ($6.89, $9.69 for a double), crinkly cheese fries ($4.99), and to an all-beef Vienna hot dog ($4.89).

Though it’s not listed on the menu, chili is also available by the cup ($5.49). Place an order for some and feel like real cognoscente.

The chili is described on the restaurants’ website as “smoked and slow braised beef chili with ancho and chile de arbol peppers.” Sounds good.

The company hasn’t said when the promotion will end, though it strikes me as odd that they would offer a gut-warming dish and then pull it just as the weather turns … well — chilly.

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