A New Twist on the Age-Old Question ‘Waiter, What’s This Fly Doing in My Soup?’

Tarantula burger (Image via Twitter)

What would you do if you found a tarantula crawling across your leg?

A better question: What would you do if you found a tarantula spread-eagled across your burger?

That’s not a hypothetical at Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, N.C., which is serving up a “tarantula burger” in commemoration of Exotic Meat Month, which falls in April.

Not everyone will have a chance to enjoy the eight-legged creature, if enjoy is the right verb. Durham station WGN explains, “The only way to get ahold of the eight-legged beef sandwich is by winning the Tarantula Challenge.”

And even then you have to be willing to shell out $30 for the sandwich, which “includes a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger, gruyere cheese, an oven-roasted tarantula and spicy chili sauce.”

If you manage to finish the entire burger (and presumably keep it down), you walk away with a free t-shirt.

Details on the Tarantula Challenge may be found at Bull City Burger and Brewery’s website.

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