Moishe’s Bake Shop, East Village Institution, Gives Way to French Bakery

Moishe, we hardly knew ye.

I have my doubts that Moishe Perl, the Moishe behind the eponymous Moishe’s Bake Shop in the East Village, ever envisioned his shop being reincarnated as a French bakery, but here we are.

Moishe’s, which closed on March 5 after nearly half a century in business, was noted for its Jewish delicacies: rugelach, babka, challah, and more. On Monday, the store reopened under new management as Le Fournil, which specializes in croissants and other baked items that differ radically from the original stock in trade. Hamantashen — triangular fruit-filled pastries associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim — are no longer available, even at the time of year the holiday is celebrated, though according to EV Grieve, there was some thought early on of christening the new establishment “Formerly Moishe’s.”

Le Fournil (Image via Facebook)

Le Fournil is located at 115 Second Avenue, bet 6th and 7th Sts.