‘Mean Girls’ Pop-Up Coming to New York City

Image Courtesy of Bucket Listers

Have you acquired the habit of using fetch as an adjective, as in “That was so fetch”? Do you wear pink on Wednesdays? If you answered yes to both questions, chances are you’ll make a beeline to the Mean Girls Experience, when it pops up in New York on Jan. 19.

The Mean Girls Experience will be held at a secret location, which will be revealed closer to the launch date, as will available dates and times. Reservations will start at $35 and include:

  • Your choice of main course and side;
  • A 90-minute table reservation (inclusive of access to all photo opportunities and designated areas);
  • A Candy Cane Gram (unless you’re Gretchen Weiners, BYE!).

Once inside the World of The Plastics, you will be able to:

🏫 Roam the Halls of North Shore High;
🍟 Indulge in the Stab Caesar Salad and Cheese Fries in the Cafeteria;
🍹 Sip with us at the Cool Mom Bar;
💋 Leave your mark in the Burn Book;
🪞 Gaze into Regina’s Bedroom Mirror;
❄️ Strike a pose on stage at the Winter Talent Show;
➗ Join the ranks of the Mathletes;
👚 Brush up on your knowledge at the Museum of Mean Girls;
🛍️ Shop for exclusive Mean Girls Experience merchandise.

Diehard Mean Girl wannabes can sign up for the waitlist now to enjoy early access to reservations before they open to the general public.

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