Image: Royal Wine Corporation

On Apr. 15, Jews around the country and the world will sit down to the first of two seders — ritual dinners that commemorate the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt. Wine, considered the drink of royalty, plays a central role in the celebration. Celebrants are commanded to drink four cups throughout the evening as a symbol of freedom from bondage.

That’s a lot of wine to drink, but luckily, the pandemic had little impact on the evolution and expansion of the kosher wine market, so there will be no shortage of wine options when the 8-day holiday commences. In fact, choosing from among the wealth of possibilities may prove daunting for some.

It seems the problem is not the availability of great wine but the overwhelming number of great wines to choose from. According to Gabriel Geller, Director of Public Relations for Royal Wine Corporation, the largest manufacturer, importer, and exporter of kosher wine, “Some of the top producers are creating award-winning varietals at every price point.”

Red or White?

For those who love a luxurious, bold, layered red, consider Jewel, Psagot’s new flagship wine (SRP $150). The wine conveys notes of rich black fruit, cedar, and vanilla. For white wine enthusiasts there is Rimapere (SRP $23), a citrusy New Zealand-style Sauvignon Blanc with fragrant, floral overtones. Nor will you go wrong with Baron Herzog Rosé (SRP $12). Fruit-forward, flavorful, and crisp, it is sure to please palates while affording a fantastic value.

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