Hold Your Nose and Say Hello to the Next Alternative Meat Source; Al Roker, the Ice Cream Flavor

Image: Sugar Hill Creamery

“Just like meat, it contains all the nutrients humans need for health.” The words are those of Louw Hoffman, a professor at the University of Queensland (UQ), and the reference is to fly larvae. If that doesn’t elicit a big “Yum!” be advised that these aren’t just any larvae. They are black soldier fly larvae — which themselves feed on waste.

According to the UQ’s website, the larvae — which are “richer in zinc and iron than lean meat, and” boast a “calcium content is as high as that of milk” — are being proposed as the next meat alternative.

The only problem with moving forward with this solution to global warming is the 800-pound housefly in the room. Namely, how can humans being persuaded to give up hamburgers for bugs? Before that hurdle can even be addressed, there are other vital questions that need to be answered. Says Prof. Hoffman, “[W]e need to ensure we address safety issues before it can get legs as a human food. This includes understanding the different nutritional profiles of the fly at key stages of its growth, and the best ways to process the fly to preserve its nutritional value.”

I can wait.

Al Roker, the Ice Cream Flavor

Al Roker, the once-portly weatherman on the “Today” show, is the inspiration for a new ice cream flavor from Harlem’s Sugar Hill Creamery. The Daily News explains that owners Nick and Petrushka Bazin Larsen hit upon the idea after the couple did an interview with Roker for a show for the Peacock network.

After learning that the 68-year-old SUNY Oswego alum’s favorite desserts are cookies and cream ice cream and sweet potato pie, Sugar Hill crafted the “Your Neck of the Woods” flavor (a nod to Roker’s famous slogan). …

The ice cream is a variation of cookies and cream with vanilla wafers, Oreos and a sweet potato custard ribboned throughout the ice cream with graham cracker pecan crust.

I could see myself getting into that.

Sugar Hill Creamery, 184 Malcolm X Blvd, 212-634-9004