Food Concessions Return to S.I. Ferry; Hot Chocolate Tour

Imagine boarding the Staten Island Ferry after an unusually brutal day at the office and finding a dry martini waiting for you. It could become a reality, according to an announcement by the Mayor’s office.

Food and beverages stopped being served aboard the ferry when the COVID pandemic hit. But now the city’s Department of Transportation and Economic Development Corporation are entertaining proposals from vendors interested in selling refreshments to passengers — possibly including alcohol. (h/t amNY.)

Hot Chocolate Tour

Where can you get the best hot chocolate in Soho? Find out next Sunday, Feb. 11, during a tour of the neighborhood’s purveyors of the chill chaser.

The tour is one of a series by a slender female who calls herself The Carboholic, a self-conferred title that she justifies by a claim of having eaten at 1,000-plus restaurants and 200-plus bakeries, documenting each experience. The Carboholic’s bona fides for assessing hot chocolates include a boast of having tried 90-plus cups last fall. “I’ve been on the hunt for the best hot chocolates in New York,” says the influencer whose given name is Rachel Brotman.

The tour, which begins at 11 a.m. and runs two and a half hours, will set you back $125. Check out other upcoming tours here.

Madeleine Price contributed to this report.