Image: BK

Have it your way. That’s what Burger King has been telling us for years.

Now having it your way could make you the recipient of a cool $1 million.

Just tell the fast food giant what ingredients would go into your ultimate dream Whopper. If they like the idea, you could be a million dollars richer. You would also enjoy the prestige of seeing your creation sold in BK restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

To enter the Million Dollar Whopper Contest, visit or the BK App using your free Royal Perks account between now and March 17. Follow the prompts to submit your Whopper sandwich concept, which can feature up to eight toppings.

Once you have submitted your million dollar Whopper idea, you will receive a preview A.I. version of your flame-grilled creation, which you can personalize by adding an A.I. generated-jingle and thematic background. The final image or video can be shared across your social media platforms.

For more information on the Million Dollar Whopper Contest, to become a Royal Perks member or to find your nearest Burger King restaurant, visit