El Gran Castillo de Jagua's mofongo with shrimp

One of Brooklyn’s (make that New York’s) best and tastiest bargains, El Gran Castillo de Jagua, has closed. The unassuming restaurant, which was — face it — a hole in the wall, dispensed some of the city’s best renditions of asopado (aka “soupy rice”) and mofongo. They also cranked out a more-than-dependable burger, which they sold for $4. Terrific breakfasts, too, served until 3 p.m., included mangú, the famous Dominican dish of seasoned mashed green plantains. The restaurant reported its closing on Facebook just before the New Year, noting that it had lost its lease after thirty-four years, at the same location.

355 Flatbush Avenue, at Park Place, Brooklyn, 718-622-8700