Image: Laser Wolf

Finding a shipudiya in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is about as hard as finding a pizzeria in New York. The term, Hebrew for “skewer house” or “grill house,” designates more than just a genre of restaurant. In Israel it is a way of life — a place where locals meet and socialize over a communal meal.

Later this month, the city’s first shipudiya, Laser Wolf, is scheduled to open in Williamsburg. The restaurant, which comes to the Big Apple by way of Philly, will occupy a space on the rooftop of the Hoxton Hotel.

The edible offerings are divided into two principal categories, cold dips or salads (salatimi) and grilled dishes, the latter including kebabs and whole grilled fish. The price of the combined main courses will determine the amount of salatimi served to your table, along with dessert, at no additional charge.

Laser Wolf is named for Lazar Wolf, the butcher in “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Laser Wolf, 97 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn.