Image: Finamill

Face it: Most New York apartment kitchens leave much to be desired when it comes to space. And when square footage is at a premium, the most hated word in the vernacular of the home cook is unitasker.

The sad reality is that if you’re serious about cooking, you probably already own several unitaskers. For example, do you own a spice grinder and a coffee bean grinder? If you don’t want your ground fennel to taste like breakfast, you do.

In fact, the most flagrant unitasker of all is sitting on your kitchen countertop right now. I’m referring to your peppermill. Wouldn’t it be nice if your peppermill could do double duty as a spice grinder? If you own a Finamill, it can. The Finamill is equipped with snap-in pods that ensure each spice you grind — whether it’s cloves or pepper (yes, pepper is a spice!) — is retained in its own sealed environment. When you want to switch from pepper to cardamom, just snap in your cardamom pod (well … you know what I mean).

The size of the grind in the Finamill is adjustable, and the grinding element is made of ceramic, which promises a long life. And the pods can be used for storage in place of your current storage solution for whole spices and dried herbs.

The one downside to owning a Finamill is the overall cost. Bought from the manufacturer, the base unit is $39, which is comparable to what you’d expect to spend on a peppermill.  But the pods, which are priced individually, are $9.99 each. If you make a lot of Indian food or other dishes that are spice-heavy, the cost can get up there.