Image: Krispy Kreme

I don’t want to sound as though I’m looking a gift baker in the mouth, but what’s with Krispy Kreme and giveaways? Every time you turn around, it seems, the chain is giving away its donuts. It’s Tax Day? Stop by KK for a free donut. You just got a vaccination? Have two donuts; no charge.

Which brings us to Thursday — Leap Day. If you are one of the unlucky few condemned to celebrate their birthday once every four years, head over to Krispy Kreme for your free dozen “Original Glazed.” No purchase is necessary, though you’ll need to provide proof that you were born on Feb. 29.

Wendy’s to Field Test Surge Pricing

More bad news from the world of fast food. Burger chain Wendy’s has announced plans to introduce Uber-like surge pricing on its menu. The field testing of the practice, known better as “dynamic pricing,” won’t start until 2025, so get your fill of burgers before then.

According to USA Today, Wendy’s CEO Kirk Tanner said on an earnings call that “the company would be rolling out new plans to improve company profits, such as digital menu boards that would be able to update prices in real time and different menu offers during certain parts of the day.”

Can you imagine waiting in a long line for your food order only to learn that prices have leaped up in the interim?

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