Image: YouTube screen grab

It’s a given that skiing can help you work up an appetite. If you happen to be in the resort town of Lindvallen, Sweden, about 200 miles north of Stockholm, one option for your aprés-ski repast is a restaurant known to locals as McSki. You know it better as McDonald’s.

Skiers eager to get back to the slopes need not remove any of their gear or worry about tracking snow into the restaurant. Instead they can glide right up to a window, place their order, and be back in action in no time at all.

An article at the website Powder observes that “Sweden always strikes one as a health-minded place,” then adds, “Clearly, not even the Swedes are above craving a hot, juicy, burger after a good session.” Hot, juicy burger? Evidently McSki serves a better grade of food than the steamtable fare that the golden arches promise on this side of the Atlantic.