Image: Uni (Kintsugi Omakase)

Kintsugi Omakase, a fashionable sushi atelier on the fringes of SoHo, Tribeca, and Hudson Square, appears to thrive on unorthodoxy. Late last year, the restaurant turned the keys to the kitchen over to chef Victor Chen, who immediately broke the First Commandment of the art of making sushi — Thou shalt not use non-Japanese ingredients — by stocking his daily larder with locally sourced seafood, enabling a broader selection.

Now he has violated Commandment #2 — Thou shalt require that customers set aside several hours for their sushi repast — by offering a “Lunch Rush Omakase.” The one-hour experience provides diners with 12 courses. The cost — $60 — is also iconoclastic in the light of typical prices for omakase repasts, which can run well into the hundreds. A seasonal beverage pairing is available for an additional $35 per person.

Lunch Rush Omakase is served Friday through Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.

Kintsugi Omakase, 28 Grand Street, 646-983-4616.