These honorary jobs seem to crop up from time to time. Last year, the position was for Chief Biscuit Officer for Red Lobster. In 2020, it was for Chief Noodle Officer for Top Ramen, and the remuneration was $10,000 and 50 years’ worth of ramen. In 2019, it was an NFL Football Stadium Food Tester who would travel around to NFL stadiums and decide which serves the best game-time grub.

This time around the employer is Yelp, the pay is decent (even if the chance of advancement is not), and the chief qualification is sure to be a lead-pipe cinch for most applicants: You have to love pizza.

The job offer is in effect today, Feb. 9, only. (Today is National Pizza Day.)

As Yelp explains about the job:

During their six-month engagement, the Chief Pizza Officer will be responsible for spreading their love for pizza and sharing the latest pizza trends with the Yelp community. To apply, pizza pundits should submit a 30- to 60-second video explaining why they’re qualified to take on the role.

Apply here: “Participants will be judged based on their love for local businesses, pizza pride, geography, and social media presence.”

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