Image: Baskin-Robbins Tall Stack Cake, Breakfast in Bed ice cream (Image: Baskin-Robbins)

Ice cream may make for a strange breakfast-in-bedfellow, but if that sounds like something your mom might warm to, Baskin-Robbins has your number. This year, the mega-chain has come up with two quirky offerings in time for Mother’s Day.

The Tall Stack Cake, available for a limited time, is a trompe-l’œil stack of pancakes drizzled with “syrup” (caramel praline sauce) and an artful IHOP-style scoop of “butter” (played by vanilla ice cream). The role of the cake itself is played by a layer of actual cake and another of your mom’s favorite B-R flavor.

If ice cream cake doubling as pancakes is too metaphysical for mom, you can offer her a giant scoop of the company’s flavor of the month, which is called “Breakfast in Bed.” The flavor consists of buttermilk pancake-flavored ice cream swirled with maple syrup-flavored ice cream, the amalgam studded with real pancake pieces and finished with a blueberry compote swirl.

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