SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix

As our children head back to school at long last, one health advocacy-driven beverage company is helping spread the message of how important proper hydration is, especially to those with an active lifestyle. SOS Hydration, the outfit in question is putting its money where its mouth is. The brand is offering a sample pack of its electrolyte drink mix to everyone in the U.S. at no charge. 

SOS Kids — the product line geared toward children — provides a mere 10 calories per serving and is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, including the all-important electrolytes, which are diminished during vigorous play or exercise. At 3 grams, the mix also contains far less sugar than typical sports drinks.

And right now, your kids can enjoy all three flavors — PAWsome Mixed Berry, Soaring Strawberry, & Splashin’ Lemonade — free of charge. There are also samples of the grown-up version of the product for moms and dads.

To claim yours, visit the company’s website and click on the Get It Now banner. There is a limit of one sample pack per customer.