Image: YouTube screen grab

Today is Sept. 15, which for some is the day for paying quarterly income tax estimates. Striking a more positive chord, it’s also National Double Cheeseburger Day, and while the invented holiday is too obscure to warrant specials around town, it’s nevertheless another opportunity to chow down on one of America’s most beloved dishes. (If it’s deals you’re looking for, check back with us on Saturday, Sept. 18, which is National Cheeseburger Day.)

If you’d like to “steak” your claim (see what we did there?) to a really good burger, we are bullish on Hero Certified Burgers, which for our money is the best meal on a bun in these parts. What makes the burgers, which are not the squished kind, is the meat, which has the kind of essential beefiness you find in a good steak. Keep the toppings to a minimum to allow the quality of the beef to shine through. Yes, the place is a chain, but don’t let that deter you.

And now, courtesy curiously of Lawn Love, are some fun facts about burgers.