Thomas Keller Opens a Restaurant Everyone Can Afford

Image: Calenda

Good things, it is said, come to those who wait. If you’ve been waiting for a price reduction at New York’s Per Se, where even the “bargain” Salon tasting menu will set you back $225 a person, you’ll just have to keep waiting.

But if you’d like to experience Thomas Keller’s artistry on the cheap, you can by making a reservation at his newest restaurant, Calenda, where the highest-priced item — grilled adobo-marinated skirt steak, charred cambray onions, nopales, salsa a las brasas — sells for $29.

Calenda is Mexican, which means you will find the menu segmented into tamales, tacos, enchiladas, and platos fuertes (aka, main courses). As you might expect of a Thomas Keller enterprise, this one uses heirloom ingredients from Central and Southern Mexico and features crockery fashioned by Mexican artisans.

Food-wise there are few surprises. Well, one surprise anyway, and that’s the section of the menu headed “para los chiquitos,” which translates to “for the little ones.”

While three courses at Calenda won’t break the bank, the cost of a ride might. The restaurant is located in Yountville, Calif., the same town that’s home to the pricey French Laundry.

Calenda, 6518 Washington Street, Yountville, Calif., 833-682-8226