Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Another Thanksgiving is now history, and if you put on an extra pound gorging yourself yesterday, welcome to the club. Rather than advise you on what to do with leftovers, we decided to ply you with some factual tidbits to share during the Thanksgiving meal next year. The source of the stats that follow is The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Roughly a third of Americans, 32%, consider turkey to be the best part of the holiday meal, while 12% say it is their least favorite part. White meat is overwhelmingly preferred to dark meat, 43% to 28%. Of those polled, 21% state having no preference, and 7% say they dislike turkey altogether.

Among those who gravitate more toward the side dishes, 19% say stuffing or dressing (stuffing cooked outside the bird) is their favorite dish, while only 8% say they dislike stuffing. More people prefer dressing to stuffing.

Cranberry sauce is Americans’ least favorite part of the holiday, with only 2% saying it is the side they most enjoy. The same is true of sweet potatoes, with a mere 2% claiming it is their favorite. A majority of Americans prefer the tuber sans marshmallows.

When it comes to pie, pumpkin is the most popular, favored by 33% of the public. Pecan pie comes next with 17% of the vote, then apple with 15%.