Van Leeuwen Announces Its Latest Offbeat Ice Cream Flavor: Lizard Lunch

Image: Van Leeuwen

A disclaimer: No lizards were harmed in the making of this flavor.

The lizard in question will be known to fans of the Netflix coming-of-age musical comedy Leo. The main character, voiced by Adam Sandler, is a lizard named Leo, who is the classroom pet of a class of elementary school students.

Leo’s favorite snack — fresh algae — is replicated in the Van Leeuwen flavor by what looks like green slime. The company, which has made a living dishing out bizarre ice cream flavors (think Hidden Valley Ranch or Dijon Mustard), identifies the components of the frozen sweet as green and blue birthday cake ice cream swirled with pieces of cookies and cream.

The flavor can be purchased at all Van Leeuwen scoop shops as well as online.

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