Coconut custard pudding (Image: Zaab Zaab)

On Feb. 10, which is the first day of the Lunar New Year, Vita Coco coconut water is teaming up with the humanitarian organization Righteous Eats. The goal of the partnership is to collect and donate $30,000 to More Than A Meal, an Asian Pacific Islander (API)-founded nonprofit that provides New Yorkers in need with meals from local restaurants.

The movement is being coordinated with API-owned and/or operated eateries and cafes to showcase the range of cuisines, dishes, and atmospheres that they offer. The establishments that will be participating by utilizing coconut water, coconut juice, and/or coconut milk as a key ingredient in specialty dishes include:

  • Moa Coffee — Americanos and Mocha, Taro, Chai or Matcha Lattes
  • Saltwater Coffee — Ube Latte;
  • Saigon Social — Jackfruit Coco Fresca and sườn kho tiêu (pork belly w/black pepper and coconut juice);
  • Potluck Club — Tong Siu 糖水 (almond panna cotta w/ strawberry coconut sago);
  • Zaab Zaab — Hor Mok Red Curry, Coconut Chicken Hotpot, Coconut Custard Pudding (w/pandan sticky rice), Iced Coconut Coffee, Iced Coconut Sugar Latte and Aloha Hawaii Cocktail;
  • abcV — Curry Vegetables (w/ winter vegetables and mushrooms) and Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate;
  • King Tai — Innamorata Coconut Water Cocktail;
  • Mission NightClub — Pina Coco Coconut Water Cocktail and Vita Mango Margarita;
  • Fish Cheeks — Coconut Cocktail;
  • YAO (New Cantonese restaurant in NYC) — Coconut Cocktail and Coconut Mocktail.

Throughout the month, Righteous Eats will be stopping at several of these locations to collect video footage that will be shared to social media. Righteous Eats will then ask followers to visit the restaurants, try one of the Vita Coco-infused dishes, and share a post about their visit (tagging Vita Coco and Righteous Eats). The first 10 people (per video posted) to meet the outlined criteria will receive $50 from The Righteous Eats team as a thank you for their support.

Win a Trip to Europe

When it rains, it pours. Casa Nella Restaurant Group is giving away two tickets to Italy and two more to France to customers who dine during the month of February at one or more of the group’s member restaurants — Rosemary’s West Village, Rosemary’s East Village, and Roey’s, which are Italian, and Claudette and Bobo, which are French.

Each dining experience is equal to one entry under the reservation name.

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