Subway Offering a Chance to Attend Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas

Image: Subway

Depending on your perspective, the promotion specified in the title is either the first- or second-place prize. For non-football fans, a ride in a giant blimp painted to resemble a half-wrapped hero sandwich is probably inducement enough to enter the contest, though be warned: Neither of the two remaining points of embarkation — Orlando and Miami — is anywhere near New York. Those who win passage on the 180-foot-long craft will be treated to a lunch of — you guessed it — Subway sandwiches.

Image: Subway

Football fans can vie for tickets to the big game (which presumably includes transportation, lodging, and other essentials — the chain is not big on details) by visiting or scanning a relevant QR code in their local Subway restaurant.

There is also a mention of a blimp-themed slot machine that can be spun daily to increase the contestant’s chances of winning, though the news release is again short on details. If we learn any more about the machine’s whereabouts, we’ll post an update.

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