Image: Pizza Hut

It was inevitable. In what seems like an eternity ago, one of Dominoes came out with the “stuffed crust” pizza — a pizza that was not only oozing cheese all over but had a reserve of the gooey stuff secreted inside the outer crust. Now rival chain Pizza Hut has upped the ante. Its latest creation? The “grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza.”

“The difference between the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza and ‘traditional’ stuffed-crust pizzas,” Newsweek notes, “is not only the cheddar cheese but a crispiness meant to mimic that of the finely toasted bread of a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Chief marketing officer, David Timm, is quoted as saying in a statement:

The Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is an imagination of a classic grilled cheese and a traditional pizza. The result is a delicious, flavorful pizza that packs the punch of a gooey, crunchy grilled cheese.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am perfectly happy with pizza as pizza. I don’t need my pizza to mimic – or contain – other foods (last year Pizza Hut came out with a pizza whose crust was stuffed with cocktail weenies). If I want a grilled cheese sandwich, I can make one myself – and at the risk of sounding boastful, a pretty good one at that.

Oh, and please don’t confuse stuffed-crust pizza with Chicago-style “stuffed pizza,” which is an altogether different, and frankly delicious, animal.