Image: P.F. Chang's

Someone wake me when they get around to offering breakup truffles or caviar.

The latest restaurant to get in on the edible consolation prize for getting dumped on Valentine’s Day game is P.F. Chang’s. This time around, the food item designed to help the victim cope with his loss is dumplings. (I’m guessing there’s supposed to be a dump/dumpling pun somewhere in there.)

Anyway, this time around we learn that there’s a National Breakup Day and that it falls on Feb. 21, a week after Valentine’s Day. We also learn that between now and then, the jiltee can score a six count of pork or shrimp dumplings by texting 855-697-6181 with CHANGSDUMPLING. (You can also order through the P.F. Chang’s mobile app.)

Needless to say, a minimum purchase of $1 is required to receive your “free” dumplings. And since nothing on the menu costs only a dollar, the least you will spend is $7 — the price of a Coke or iced coffee or tea.

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