Image: Yum Brands

Statistically, the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day is the day of the year when most break-ups occur. It even has a nickname: “Red Tuesday.”

If you’re breaking up with someone right now with Valentine’s Day looming, you can lessen the blow by giving your soon-to-be ex a dozen cookies as a bittersweet reminder of better times. Or, if cookies don’t cut it, give him or her a “Good-Bye Pie” from Pizza Hut.

Head to and click on the box marked “Say Good-Bye,” type in the address of the unlucky recipient, and add in a snarky pre-fab message. Choices include “The president called and he needs my help with president stuff” and “I need time to figure out who I am after the loss of my favorite sunglasses.” (On second thought, maybe skip the snarky messages, which come off as a bit heartless.)

The price of the pie starts at $11.99 for a personal version.

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