NYC Restaurants Send Cuomo, de Blasio a Lump of Coal for Christmas

Andrew Cuomo

“If we can’t feed our families, we certainly won’t feed yours.” So reads an unsubtle promise made to the governor and mayor by Michael Quinn, whose family owns Coney Island’s famous Feltman’s hot dog brand.

Despite not owning a restaurant per say at present, Quinn founded a Facebook group titled “NYC Restaurants Open” in March as a forum for restaurateurs and other business owners. Quinn, a self-described liberal Democrat who voted for Cuomo, said the governor and mayor have gone too far, according to Fox News.

According to Quinn, thousands of restaurants are contemplating a ban on providing food to New York politicians who have enacted restrictions that go against science. “Less than 2% of cases can be traced to indoor dining, compared to the 70% traced to households and small gatherings, according to New York state,” the article notes.

“These people need to survive and they spend thousands of dollars doing what they need to do,” Quinn is quoted as having said of New York’s food vendors and restaurateurs.
“They’re just not going to make it. And it’s not about politics at this point — whether you’re left or right or conservative or Democrat. It’s economic Darwinism at this point. It’s survival of the fittest.”

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