BLT Pie (Image: Lala’s Brookyln Apizza)

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but a pizzeria specializing in New Haven pies just opened in East Williamsburg, and so far no food writer has seen the need to draw comparisons between its product and the fabled pies made here. Can New York pizza finally hang up its six guns and live in peace with competing recipes? Here’s hoping so.

The new contender answers to the name of Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza. Appizza, in case you were wondering, is a term that denotes a thin-crust pie baked in a coal-fired oven, which imparts a smoky flavor. The shop is planning to roll out a clam pizza featuring local clams and garlic, a flavor combo I haven’t tasted since the late, great Aiello’s went to glory some years ago. If Lala’s rendition is half as good, I’ll be a regular.

Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza, 990 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn (near Catherine St.), 718-564-9767.

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