Masa Now Selling DIY Sushi Kits: The Price? If You Have to Ask…

Chef Masa Takayama carefully crafts one of the edible wonders at his epnonymous restaurant (Image: Masa)

Masa at $350 a pop before tax and tip is the most expensive restaurant in New York and conceivably the world. But like every other restaurant in town, it is currently shuttered, brought to its knees by the great equalizer (aka COVID-19).

While the restaurant is dark, you need not be deprived its culinary brilliance. At least not entirely. Every Friday, MASA is selling do-it-yourself sushi boxes to the first 20 customers who inquire.

Each box includes all the ingredients necessary for one of Masa’s legendary dinners. In addition to raw fish, you will find vegetables, ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, nori, and rice — enough for four. But, be warned, some assembly is required.

Be further warned that if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it. The cost of one of the prized boxes? That will be $800, please. And there’s more. If you live in one of the outer boroughs, tack on an additional $20 for delivery.