Image: Pure Crumb

We felt the first stirrings several weeks ago. That craving that can be sated only by chocolate. So we began to scour the interwebs for guilt-free chocolate treats. We ended up settling on a crisp cookie-like confection that can be described best as bark. Which is precisely what Pure Crumb, the manufacturer, calls the product.

The barks, which come in four flavors — chocolate brownie, chocolate chip cookie,  coconut chocolate chip cookie, and crumb cake — are wafer-thin and super crispy. They are, moreover, gluten and dairy-free, concocted from clean, healthy ingredients like coconut oil and almond flour. Each bag of bark, which constitutes a single serving, runs between 120 to 160 calories.

The chocolate chips in the two cookie varieties are the mini type, but the barks are densely populated with them to deliver a chocolate explosion. But for a solid hit of deep chocolate flavor, there is no substitute for the chocolate brownie bark.

The bark, which may be purchased directly from Pure Crumb, sell for $14.95 for a three pack. Twelve packs go for $29.95.

Pure crumb also sells a chocolate almond brownie baking kit (untested) for $14.95.

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