Image: Perelman Performing Arts Center (via Wikipedia)

If you’ve passed by the glowing cube by night at the intersection of Vesey, Fulton, and Greenwich Streets in Lower Manhattan and wondered what it was, wonder no more. It’s the Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC, for short), and the flexible performance spaces within its walls will soon come alive with the sights and sounds of performing artists of all stripes.

Naturally, where there are audiences there is food, and toward that end, the center has struck a deal with the ubiquitous Marcus Samuelsson, whose latest endeavor, Metropolis, will occupy the second floor lobby. The restaurant (not to be confused with the now-defunct Union Square oyster bar of the same name) will open officially later this fall, and it is the chef’s hope that it will feel “like a New York classic.” For now, the space is serving a “pre-opening concession menu” of wine and beer, spiced nuts and other snacks, and a couple of sandwiches. (h/t Tribeca Citizen)