Leggo My Stiff Drink! What Van Leeuwen Is Up to Now

The bacon strip and mini waffle garnishes are optional (Image: Kellogg)

Heavens! I just glanced at my wall calendar and noticed that National Waffle Day (Aug. 24) is one short week away! With so much left to do (getting the invitations printed, hiring the caterers, and so on), I was gratified to discover an innovation that would greatly simplify my holiday prep. It goes by the name of Eggo Brunch in a Jar Sippin’ Cream, and it is a joint effort between Kellogg, the parent company of Eggo, and Sugarlands Distilling Co.

According to a news release, the “rich and delicious creamy liqueur seamlessly blends the flavors of toasted Eggo waffles, sweet maple syrup and rich butter, with a hint of smoky bacon thanks to the artistry of the experts at Sugarlands.”

As an added bonus, “this brunch-inspired alcoholic liqueur pairs perfectly with Eggo waffles to elevate any brunch occasion.” What more could you ask for?

What Van Leeuwen Is Up to Now

It wouldn’t be summer if Brooklyn’s own Van Leeuwen didn’t release some new contender for AppleEats’s annual Halvah and Lasagna Chip Award. This year’s entrant, BBQ Gold Cornbread Crumble, is a collaborative effort between the ice cream maker and the rideshare and delivery subscription service Uber One. The concoction is described as “a sweet harvest corn ice cream base with delightful honey cornbread chunks and a tangy-sweet BBQ swirl finish.”

The flavor, which is limited-edition (all VL’s summer creations seem to be), can be ordered through Uber Eats or by stopping in at one of the ice cream maker’s brick-and-mortar stores.

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