‘Dog’ Days—Introducing Snap Dog

In these days of artisanal products, it is almost difficult not to find an upscale, farm-to-table, gourmet version of whatever food suits your fancy. It was only a matter of time before this trend would come to encompass one of the two foods so all-American that they form a triumvirate along with Mom.

Meet Snap Dog, which advertises itself as “premium beef franks and sausage from a recipe passed on from generation to generation.”

According to the product description, there is nothing artificial in a Snap Dog. The sausages are smoked in a real smokehouse, blessedly devoid of liquid smoke.

The name derives from the snap you expect to hear and feel when you bite into a quality hot dog. The sensory experience is a result of the use of natural casing, which has all but fallen out of favor.

Carts selling Snap Dogs have proliferated rapidly, now boasting two dozen locations in three boroughs—Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn—as well a retail outlet in the Bronx. A complete listing of locations is here.

Snap Dog even has its own promotional video: