Image: Dignity Coconuts

The virtues of ingesting coconut-derived foods have been expounded on in this space before. As we noted last October, coconut oil has a higher smoke point than many other fats, making it ideal for high-heat cooking. It is also a source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which provide the body with a boost of energy.

Recently, we learned of a line of coconut products whose use provides a plethora of reasons to feel good — and not just in body but in spirit. Say hello to Dignity Coconuts, an enterprise that was born out of a desire to lift the people in one developing nation out of abject poverty and to stop sex trafficking and modern-day slavery. The company’s production plant is located in the small seaside village of Bicol, Philippines, where it employs 121 local workers, with plans afoot to expand to 200 workers at full operation. The coconuts themselves are purchased from 156 local farmers, with designs on contracting out to 300 others.

Dignity employs a team of engineers from the Philippines and U.S. who have created a proprietary method for extracting coconut oil that yields a product that is 100% organic, ethically sourced, non-GMO, bottled at the source, and direct-traded.

The faces of Dignity Coconuts (Image: Dignity Coconuts)

Dignity invites the consumer to get to know the person behind each jar of coconut oil, all of which is made in small batches. Each jar is personally signed by the employee whose life the end-user is helping to change for the better.

Test Driving the Product

We sampled a jar of Dignity Coconuts (ours was signed by Rechel) and found it to be a delightful alternative to butter when spread on toast or combined with hot popcorn. As an added bonus, we discovered that the product is good not only inside the body but on the outside, where it does double duty as a skin moisturizer, eye makeup remover, and lip balm.

You can try out Dignity Coconuts yourself at no charge. Provide your email address in the field at the bottom of any page on the website and receive a free 4-ounce jar of the product.

Dignity Coconuts coconut oil can be purchased directly from the company or from A 15-ounce jar sells for $15.95.