The iconic opening scene of the film adaptation of "Breakfast at Tiffany's." (Image: Paramount Pictures)

Talk about life imitating art! Today marks the official opening of a coffee bar and deli on the fourth floor of Tiffany & Co., the high-end jeweler. Fittingly named the Blue Box Café — after the signature packaging the company has long used for its pricey baubles — the restaurant will serve breakfast. Lunch, too.

The breakfast menu is limited to a choice of egg sandwiches, oatmeal, and toast. The lunch menu, which is slightly more ambitious, features close to a dozen sandwiches and salads. There is a Reuben Rueben [sic], the attempt at repeating the name intended to set the sandwich apart from a turkey Reuben, which appears two items down.

Prices are not listed, though maybe the intended message, which holds true for the rest of the store, is “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Blue Box Café, 727 Fifth Avenue, 212-755-8000