You Won’t Believe (or Want to Know) What’s in This Thanksgiving Recipe for Sourdough Bread

There’s an old joke involving a hairy cook that ends with punchline “You ought to see how he makes his donuts.” That joke is a little too off-color to retell in polite company. Ditto for an article by Caitlin Abber at “Women’s Health” magazine, which nevertheless begins [with redactions]:

“In preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you’re probably seeing a lot of self-help articles about managing stress, dealing with unpleasant family members, and most importantly, making it through the day in one piece.

“And while there’s no doubt that all of this advice is well-intentioned, sometimes, when the sh*t is hitting the fan and your uncle is being a sexist piece of garbage, you have to do something to regain control and remind yourself that you’re a badass bitch who no one can f*ck with.” …

But we’re not here to talk about writing. We’re here to talk about recipes, and this one — by feminist blogger Zoe Stavri — appears to be equal parts baking and stress management.

While suffering with a serious yeast infection, writes Abber, Stavri wondered whether she could “turn her discomfort into delicious baked goods.”

Waking up on Saturday with the familiar itchy burny fanny, I giggled to myself, ‘Maybe I could make bread with that,’ Zoe writes on her blog, Another Angry Woman. And that ticked into, ‘Well, I’ve always wanted to try making my own sourdough anyway,’ and then a ‘F*ck, would that even work?’ And then I got curious, and the next thing that happened was I was scraping white goop off of a dildo into a bowl of flour mixed with water.

Even though she didn’t intend for her experiment to be any sort of feminist statement, Zoe also believes that the online outrage she’s receiving about her recipe are a blatant form of misogyny. “It probably doesn’t matter that my sourdough may or may not contain any actual vaginal yeast,” she writes. “The very idea of it seems to horrify people more than enough.” …

Here’s the recipe for those game to try it. One of the ingredients, of course, may be a little hard to come by. I don’t think the supermarket near me is carrying vaginal yeast quite yet.

Image: Another Angry Woman

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