BK Brings Back Its Ghost Pepper Whopper for Halloween

Image: Burger King

It’s like wearing the same Halloween costume two years in a row. Maybe the geniuses at Burger King have forgotten that they already featured a Whopper made with incendiary ghost peppers in 2019, but here we are. At least, the recipe this year is different. The insanely hot peppers are found in the cheese, and the bun is dyed a pumpkin orange instead of ghostly white.

But the fast food giant loses more style points by repeating the same hokey supernatural tie-in as well. Three years ago, the chain hired a psychic to appear in ads in which he performed a “spirit taste test,” allegedly summoning the spirits of the dead to sample the sandwich and share their opinions. This year, the Burger King app features an electromagnetic field ghost detector that can aid end-users to track down paranormal activity in their homes.

The sandwich itself is made with spicy queso in addition to the ghost pepper cheese and includes crispy jalapenos for further heat.

BK aficionados can at least be thankful that the chain didn’t opt to reprise its 2015 model. That year the Halloween Whopper came with a black-dyed bun that reportedly turned the consumer’s poop green.

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