Bagels and Dumplings; What’s Old Is New Again

Image: Miss Wonton

Have you and a friend ever found yourselves at loggerheads over whether to go out for dumplings or bagels? No? I didn’t think so. Neither have I nor likely has anybody. But should that situation ever arise, you’ll want to know about Miss Wonton, which opened last week in Yorkville.

The dumpling emporium cohabits the space that has been home for the past 85 years to Kossar’s Bagels and Bialys. According to East Side Feed, Miss Wonton’s owner, Sam Chen, and the Kossar’s team co-own multiple restaurants throughout the city.

Miss Wonton sells a dozen different kinds of dumpling, including four types of soup dumpling. The restaurant also offers your more or less typical fast casual Chinese fare, such as egg rolls, egg foo young, dry sautéed string beans, and pepper steak.

Miss Wonton, 1409 York Avenue (at 75th St.).

What’s Old Is New Again

Last September, the space that had been vacated by the Italian restaurant Bistango in Kips Bay acquired a new tenant. The Chick Inn, as the new installation was called, was one of a mini-chain of restaurants located throughout the city that specialize in chicken in its many guises.

This past summer, the plug on the Chick Inn was pulled, presumably because business was not as brisk as the owners had hoped. The Chick Inn team for their part wasted no time swapping in an iteration of another mini-chain they run, Fumo, which — like Bistango before it — serves Italian food.

Pastas figure largely on the Fumo menu, realized in such offerings as a spaghetti carbonara that, while tasty and served in a more than ample portion, will offend purists: The dish contains peas, cream, and bacon that is smoked. (Heavens!) A piece of nicely grilled salmon is sauced simply with garlic and white wine.

Fumo, 415 Third Avenue (at 29th St.), 347-332-6866.

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