Babbo’s Annual White Truffle Dinner Planned for Nov. 18

White truffles (Image via Twitter)

Another white truffle season is upon us, which means some transcendent dinners await New Yorkers with an appetite — and bank account — for luxury. The pandemic threw a wet blanket after last year’s celebrations of the prized fungus, but this year it is back and you can savor it in style at Babbo’s annual white truffle dinner, which is slated for Nov. 18.

The six-course extravaganza, which includes wine pairings, begins with a lobster and burrata salad with broccoli rabe and caviar followed by steak tartare with a quail egg and truffle vinaigrette.

What follows this course is a bit of confusion, at least judging from the evening’s menu at the restaurant’s website. Two pasta courses are listed. There may be a missing conjunction, but if you are actually served two pastas, at least the second — an elegant twist on the tortellini in brodo theme in which the pasta envelopes are filled with foie gras — is relatively light.

The main event — venison with celery root purée with roasted squash and fig mostarda — is a reminder that truffle-hunting season is also game-hunting season.

The cheese course is fulfilled by warmed La Tur — the oozy semi-soft cheese of the Piedmont — drizzled with truffle honey. The meal concludes with another Piemontese specialty, gianduia bonet, a rich but light mocha and hazelnut custard.

The dinner all-inclusive is $1,000 a person. Tickets can be purchased here.

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