Great Jones Distilling Co

The disclaimer that this is Manhattan’s first legal whiskey distillery since Prohibition is probably unnecessary insofar as not that many New Yorkers are still making bathtub gin. But the hour-long guided tour of Great Jones Distilling Co in NoHo will prove enlightening especially for newcomers to the “spirit” world. The tour includes a tasting of three of Great Jones’s products — Straight Bourbon, Four Grain Bourbon, and Rye — as well as instructions on “nosing” and tasting a whiskey.

If you want to experience these spirits in cocktails and/or paired with food, you can take part in the distillery’s six-course “Canapés & Cocktails” tasting. Pairings include the Straight Bourbon with a Cabot Cheddar gougère, the Royal with a marinated scallop crudo, and the Four Grain with a roasted beet tartelette.

The tour is priced at $35 per person, the Canapés & Cocktails at $145 a head. All events include an offer of $10 off any single bottle of Great Jones whiskey as you are leaving.

Great Jones Distilling Co, 686 Broadway (at W. 3rd St.), 332-910-9880.