Burger (Image: Copper Branch)

Years ago, I recall reading a novel about house plants taking over the world. These days, that story seems to be becoming a reality, at least for the worlds of food and restaurants. AppleEats recently informed its readers about a plant-based meal replacement beverage called Huel.

Now a 100% plant-based restaurant has — well — “put down roots” in the Village.

Its name is Copper Branch, and it offers an assortment of power bowls, sandwiches (including burgers), soup, power smoothies, and even desserts.

The outpost is the latest link in a chain of 65 locations world-wide, all boasting foods that are totally plant-based and vegan. Many of the options use non-generically modified ingredients and gluten-free options abound.

You can find the menu here.

Copper Branch, 195 Bleecker Street (no phone listed).

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